The times are bad – exceedingly bad for those in the various churches in the west. They are heading for a true calamity as the depravity sets in their societies and has seeped right into their churches.

The times are bad – very bad for those inside the Orthodox Church. The time of catacombs may be near.

This is the time to sit still for a short while and watch and pray. Then our course may become clear, for antichrist is now in sight and when he comes he will try to overwhelm all churches including the Orthodox Church. And many will fall in with him.

In the meantime, we must watch and pray with our spiritual eyes wide open. We must find a true spiritual anamchara – a spiritual guide – possibly an experienced monastic.

We each of us cannot weather the coming times alone. We must be constantly searching ourselves and seeing where the general social depravity is splashing onto our clothes and we must be constantly cleaning it off.

Watch and pray with wide open spiritual eyes, see the churchmen who are leading people astray, see where the leaders are trying to lead us, and beware, be exceedingly careful. Cling to Christ. Plead with Saint Mary to pray for her dowry that is England.

Pray for all mankind, for every sort of person. Pray that Christ will enable the faithful remnant that greets Him at His Second Coming to be large, many of our people. Pray!

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